If you are still within the 30 day return period since your order was placed, you will be able to request a return through our online shop. Here's how you can request a return:

  • Log in to your account on the Dial'd Bikes online store and browse to your Orders page (http://dialdbikes.co.za/orders)
  • Click on the order in question to open the Order Information page.
  • Click on the Registration of the return link at the top of the Order info page. 
  • Following this link you will see which products of the order can be returned. You can also specify the reason for the return, provide your comments and other related information.
  • Submit your return request.
  • Please note: Customers wanting to use their own courier option must ensure the return is delivered to Dial'd Bikes Physical Address (please confirm address) and not the Post Office. If a customers chooses to send the return to the post office, he/she will be charge an additional R50.

We will be in contact with you regarding your request and if your return is approved you can then proceed with sending the product(s) back to us. Our shipping address is provided on the return confirmation email.

Please note that you can return only those products which are defined as returnable and only within a the specified 30 day return period of time. Please refer to our return policy to ensure that you qualify for the return before placing a request.